Terms of service

These are the Terms of Service (TOS) of Curlingcalendar.com. In this TOS the terms 'Curlingcalendar.com', 'Service' and 'We' are used as synonyms. By using the service you accept this TOS. 1. The service is provided to you "as is" and we don't give you ANY kind of guarantee with respect to it or its continuation. We do our best to make the Service run as smooth as possible and would never shut it down without a very good reason, but if we should fail to do this from time to time, you acknowledge and agree that bitching about it is neither cool or justified. 2. You use the Service at your own risk. If something unpleasant should happen to you or to anyone else because of the use of the Service, you agree that the Service is not responsible for ANY kind of direct or indirect or consequently losses. By ANY we mean, but are not limiting to, any loss of profit, goodwill, business, reputation or data. 3. By contributing content to the Service you accept that the content will be published under the Creative Commons license used on this Service. The plain-english explanation of the license is actually very easy to understand, please take a look at it. 4. We believe that information wants to be free. As stated in the license (the previous section), tournament information and content found in the wiki can be freely re-published and re-mixed but for non-commercial use only. If you are interested in commercial co-operation, please contact us. See our contact information. 5. We take no responsibility of the user generated content in the Service or the linked content found elsewhere in the internet.As the Service may contain for example files shared by users and hyperlinks to other web sites, content and resources etc, you aknowledge and agree that the Service does not have any control or responsibility over these contents shared by users or external web sites or resources. 6. This TOS is governed by Finnish law and You and We as a service provider agree to submit to the jurisdiction of the courts of Finland to resolve any legal matter that might be arising from the Terms of Service or from the use of the Service. Regardless of this you agree that we as a Service provider are still allowed to apply for justice and remedies in any jurisdiction we choose. If any court of law that have the jurisdiction to decide on this matter, rules that any provision of these Terms of Service is invalid, then that provision will be ruled under the Finnish law without affect to the rest of the TOS. Basicly that means that the remaining provisions of the Terms of Service will continue to be valid. 7. We reserve the right to make changes to the Terms or Service and other rules without a prior notice. When bigger changes are made to TOS, we will make a new copy of the Terms of Service available at this page and notify about the changes on the frontpage of the Service. If the changes are minor it's possible that the changes are notified only on this page. You acknowledge and agree that if you continue to use the Service after the date on which the Terms of Service have changed, it will be treated as an acceptance of the updated TOS. The Terms of Service have been updated on July 18th 2014.