Privacy policy

Facebook users
We use Facebook Login so that you can enjoy a more social user experience. This way you don't have to register yet another user account and password for this website. We show your profile picture and your name if you "like" or an individual bonspiel on this site. Obviously, we know what tournaments you "like" on this site if you hit the like buttons.

When you login in with Facebook Login, will receive your email address from Facebook. We do not spam you, and we will not give away (sell or anything else) our user information.

When you update a bonspiel you have an option to allow Curlingcalendar to make a post to your Facebook timeline so that your friends can find out about updates made by you.

Curlingcalendar will also create a post on the timeline of Curlingcalendar Facebook profile. This post may include the name of the user who made the update.

That's all we know about you. Facebook, on the other hand, knows quite a bit more of you. Facebook can see that you're surfing on, knows who your friends are and the Facebook plugins might show you recommended content based on what your friends like.

Non-facebook users
We recognize that not all curlers are using Facebook. If you want, you can register to directly. The link is on the front page. When registering, you have to provide a working email address so that we can verify that the mailbox exists. We do not spam you, and we will not give away (sell or anything else) our user information.

Google Analytics uses Google Analytics to analyze the usage of the site and to develop the user experience of the service. Google Analytics stores a third party cookie on your browser.

Contact information
Are you concerned about privacy issues? Please contact us by sending an email to markus [at]

This privacy policy has been last updated on April 21, 2016.