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Curlingcalendar.com is a site for all curlers looking for curling tournaments and bonspiels in Europe, Canada, USA and of course the rest of the world as well.

Organizing a bonspiels? Add your tournament to Curlingcalendar!

Are you organizing a bonspiel? Would you like to invite international teams to your tournament? Add your bosnpiel information to Curlingcalendar.com so that curlers looking for international competitions can find your bonspiel!

Adding bonspiels is very simple

  1. Log in to the site with your Facebook-account from the front page of Curlingcalendar.com.
    If you don't use Facebook, you can create an user account to Curlingcalendar.com.
  2. Create tournament

Background of Curlingcalendar.com

Curlingcalendar.com is maintained by Markus Sipilä with help of his teammates Janne Ojanperä, Juha Pääjärvi from Finland. In April 2010, the team was looking for a couple of international bonspiels they could go to play next fall. Finding bonspiels was frustratingly difficult so Markus and his teammates decided to solve this problem once and for all. Hope you like Curlingcalendar.com! 

Feedback, suggestions & contact information

The best way to send feedback and development suggestions is to write to Curlingcalendar wall on Facebook.

If you're not on Facebook or prefer email, you can send your thougts to markus [at] curlingcalendar.com