Gefle Mixed Doubles Cup

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Fun & sociable bonspiel
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Mixed Doubles

Sanatorievagen 1
80646 Gavle

CK Granit
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lennart [at]
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CK Granit welcomes you to Gefle Mixed Doubles Cup 2023. We really hope this will be a season without pandemiproblems. This season will be more ”back to normal”, no olympics, that make planning a lot easyer.

This year, as every year we play the last weekend in january, 26-29th. For many teams that will be a perfect preparing for the nationals.

Competition information

All games are being played according to World Curling Federation rules. The event is being played in four groups. A minimum of four games per team is guaranteed. There is no time limit, teams are being asked to play swiftley in order to avoid delays. Practice sheets are avaliable Thursday;

Five minutes practice before game, DSC, one clockwise and one counterclockwise. Blue stones, first practice. Best result gets the hammer in game. Four Groups, two best teams in each group to playoff. Ranking, DSC in the four games are the ones counting. Of these eight stones one is not counting.

Playoff; Hammer to 1,highest ranked team. 2, DSC. Five minutes practice, team with hammer, first practice.

Entry fee: EUR 300.00

Prize money: EUR 4500.00

Winners of our tournament;

2017: Michele Jäggi/ Mario Freiberger

2018: Gina Aitken/ Bruce Mouat

2019: Jenny Perret/ Martin Rios

2020: Dorottya Palansca/ Zsolt Kiss

2022: Maia Ramsfjell/ Magnus Ramsfjell

Very Welcome to Gävle in January!