Paf NMDCT Åland Mixed Doubles

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Date of the tournament
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Tournament type
Cashspiel / competitive bonspiel
Team types
Mixed Doubles

85 Käringsundsvägen

Nordic Mixed Doubles Curling Tour/Åland Curling
Email address of tournament organizer
curling [at]
Format of play
Number of teams
6 (4)
Entry fee
180 euro
Prize pool
1.000 euro

Hotel Pommern, our partner. Price per night 50€/per person in double rooms, breakfast and cleaning. The hotel is located in the city of Mariehamn, 30 km from curlingrink. Each team book accommodation directly to Hotel Pommern +3581815555 or mail info [at] (info[at]alandhotels[dot]fi) Use the curling code ”Curling”. You need to book the accommodation latest 8 of February 2019.

Additional Information

Part of the new Nordic Mixed Doubles Curling Tour and World Curling Tour. More info at

Cashspiel / competitive bonspiel in Eckerö, Finland from 1 March, 2019 to 3 March, 2019.