TeeLine Fans.Masters Superheroes 2017

Date of the tournament
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Tournament type
Fun & sociable bonspiel
Team types

56 ulitsa Sushchevskiy Val

Curling-Club "TeeLine"
Email address of tournament organizer
teeline [at] inbox.ru
Format of play
Number of teams
Entry fee
16 000 RUB
Additional Information

Curling-club "TeeLine" invites you to take part in the tournament "TeeLine Fans.Masters 2017"!

"TeeLine Fans.Masters 2017" is a new version of the favorite spring tournament from the curling club "TeeLine". The main goal of the competition of the past years is to attract new teams that are just starting out in curling. The "Fans" group of the eponymous match allowed newcomers to prove themselves among equals. Today, after five years of fruitful work, all the athletes of the TeeLine club are ready to fight anyone in the strongest group of "Masters".

Tournament conditions:

- 4 guaranteed games
- Theme party (4 people from the team, the subject will be announced later). Additional ticket for fans: 2000r.
- fee: 16000rub. From the team (14000 rubles for the teams-members of the club "TeeLine")

Each tournament from the curling club "TeeLine" has a unique theme. The topic of the upcoming "TeeLine Fans.Masters 2017" is SUPERGEROES! Guests of the competition are waited for in the "superhero" restaurant in Moscow. Attention - the dress code will act on the banquet! The owners of the most extravagant superhero costumes will receive memorable prizes. The name and address of the restaurant will be announced a little later.

Maximum number of commands: 24
Dates: April 21-23, 2017
Venue: CC "New League", Moscow, ul. Suschevsky Val, ow. 56, the territory of the park "Festivalny"

Applications are accepted by e-mail teeline [at] inbox.ru (teeline[at]inbox[dot]ru)
Application form:
Subject: TeeLine Fans.Masters 2017, "Team Name"
Contents: contact person, contact phone number, surname of the skip, team composition, other.

"TeeLine Fans.Masters 2017" is also the sixth tournament of the Russian Curling League season! Each team participating in the competition will receive rating points in the overall offset of the season.

Fun & sociable bonspiel in Moskva, Russia from 21 April, 2017 to 23 April, 2017.