Hedmarken Grand Prix - Curling and Golf in the same bonspiel

Date of the tournament
Friday, September 1, 2017 to Sunday, September 3, 2017
Tournament type
Fun & sociable bonspiel
Hansrudvegen, Stange, 2335, Norway
Event venue
Stange Curlinghall and Atlungstad Golfbane
Format of play
Schenkle/Texas Scramble
Team types
Mixed Doubles
Registration DL
Tuesday, August 1, 2017
Entry fee
NOK 2500
Number of teams
Hedmarken Culingklubb
Email address of tournament organizer
post [at] hedmarkencurling.no
Webcast (live video stream)
No webcast available

Accomodation options will be posted later.

Additional Information

The first ever(??)tournament form that combines the sports of Curling and Golf. We have not been able to locate any similar competition form in Europe ( please correct us if we are wrong) Any mix double teams are welcome, both sexes, men and women, two women or two men. The curling will be played under Schenkel rules for curling and the Golf part after Texsas Scramble rules. Shot gun start on Saturday morning 0830 AM. Depending on how many teams that are registred , the Curling part of the tournament could start at 13.00 on Friday.
More information will be posted on the FB account to Hedmarken Grand Prix.

Stange, Norway on Sep 1-3, 2017