Gentofte Cup 2015

Date of the tournament
Registration DL
Tournament type
Fun & sociable bonspiel
Team types
Mixed Doubles
Event venue
Gentofte Curling Club

6 Ved Stadion
2820 Gentofte

Gentofte Curling Club
Email address of tournament organizer
gentoftecup [at]
Format of play
Number of teams
Entry fee
250 euro
Prize pool
in total: 4300 euro

We will post all relevant information regarding transportation, hospitality, etc. on our website as and when it is available.

Additional Information

You are invited to attend our 40th anniversary tournament which will be held from the 4 - 6 September 2015 at Gentofte Stadium, Ved Stadion 8, 2820 Gentofte (a suburb of Copenhagen, Denmark).

The entry fee is dkk 1,800.- (250.- euro). Entry to the tournament will not be valid until such time as payment has been received via bank transfer to Nordea Bank, Hellerup Branch, Strandvejen 159, 2900 Hellerup, Denmark; branch # 2135; account # 8073000026; IBAN: DK2520008073000026; SWIFT address: NDEADKKK.

Deadline for entry is 1 July 2015. Please fill in the entry form and send it by email to gentoftecup [at]

The tournament is open to a maximum of 42 teams; senior, junior or mixed teams are welcome.

There will be separate Junior and Mixed tournaments if a sufficient number of teams are entered.

Each team will be guaranteed 4 games and there will be cash prizes in each division for 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place. The amounts of the prize money are as follows (but will be adjusted if there are not 42 teams signed-up for the tournament):

1. Senior division: 1st place, dkk 10,000, 2nd place dkk 4,000, 3rd place dkk 2,000
2. Junior division: 1st place, dkk 5,000, 2nd place dkk 2,000, 3rd place dkk 1,000
3. Mixed division: 1st place, dkk 5.000, 2nd place dkk 2.000. 3rd place dkk 1.000

You will have the possibility to practice at our curling rink on Wednesday and Thursday, 2-3 September 2015.

A banquet will be held Saturday evening, 5 September, and the cost for the banquet, for 4 persons, is included in the entry fee. However, liquid refreshments are not included and will be at your own expense. Should you wish to bring a guest to the banquet, the cost will be dkk 200.- (28.- euro) per person.

We are in the process of negotiating favorable accommodation prices at various hotels in the Copenhagen area and will revert with this information as soon as possible.

We will post all relevant information regarding transportation, hospitality, etc. on our website as and when it is available.

So reserve the dates for this tournament now and we hope to see you at our club in September!